Viva was established in 2002 to give older adults opportunities to discover their creative potential. In fun and creative ways we: Provide information and current thinking about innovations on creativity and aging and debunk myths of growing older.

Offer courses and workshops in the creative arts led by inspiring professional artists. Create a bridge for friendship and conviviality and a supportive environment for creative expression. Produce an annual Creative Arts Festival that includes performances by VIVA, art exhibits, interactive experiences and collaborations with art museums and associations for older adults throughout Boulder County.

Viva connects older members of the community through the arts in a variety of settings: senior centers, retirement communities, schools, community centers, personal homes, and community performance spaces. We believe that a creative path enhances health, happiness and fulfillment in every stage of life….Reaching out to those who have a mere curiosity to those with a deep love and appreciation of the arts.